MindShift Motorcycle Training, previously Riders In Motion, is a for-profit business founded by motorcycle enthusiast Steven Courtney in 2011 to promote safe riding practices. Businessman & Owner Steven, Operations Coordinator Isaac, marketing partners Shannon and Megan, along with a team of nationally-certified instructors dedicate their time each week to the mission of motorcycle safety. Find us on YouTube @mindshiftmotorcycle

A focus on safety

Learn motorcycle safety from the professionals at MindShift Motorcycle Training, and receive your Virginia DMV-required M2 (two wheel motorcycle) endorsement in as little as two days! MindShift Motorcycle Training provides professional, efficient motorcycle safety courses to help you understand the hazards that affect motorcyclists each day. The classes at MindShift Motorcycle Training are developed to not only review the basics of safely handling your motorcycle, but also how to be prepared for split-second decision-making that could help save your life.

Nationally recognized instructors

Take to the road with the confidence and skills that you need to be a safe motorcyclist. Learn from the pros through our experienced, friendly and nationally-certified instructors at MindShift Motorcycle Training. Contact our office for more information, or read on for our policies and procedures. We enjoy answering your questions about our program!

Riding all year

MindShift Motorcycle Training is open year-round.


MMT Courses

Learn from the pros through our experienced, friendly and nationally-certified instructors at MindShift Motorcycle Training.

Introductory Motorcycle Experience

A two-hour, first-touch motorcycle experience. Designed to familiarize you with a motorcycle’s primary parts and controls, and help you determine whether motorcycling is a good personal choice. You are given the opportunity to ride a motorcycle in a controlled area. This is an excellent way to explore motorcycling.

Basic RiderCourse

The best place to start once you’ve made the decision to ride. Covers the basics of operating a motorcycle and safety-oriented mental strategies. Motorcycles are provided for your use. Successful completion of this course is your best path to a motorcycle license. Course completion can also earn you a discount on insurance.

Learn to ride now!

MindShift Motorcycle Training offers classes every March — November. We are conveniently located in Broadway,VA. Don’t wait to experience the freedom of riding a motorcycle: sign up securely today!



Our Hard Working MMT Team

Our Mindshift Motorcycle Training team is composed of friendly and experienced who are nationally certified by the MSF

Isaac Coley

Operations Coordinator

I’m Isaac Coley, Operations Coordinator for Mindshift Motorcycle Training. Though born in West Virginia, I had the opportunity to grow up in wonderful places all across the country. For the last 8 years, I’ve made Virginia my home.

K.C. Peterson


Originally from Northern California, now living in Stuarts Draft, Virginia
Current "stable" has two horses: Triumph Bonneville and Kawasaki Versys 650
Coaching only two years, but have been riding for over fifty years...


Ride with Confidence

Take to the road with the confidence and skills that you need to be a safe motorcyclist. Learn from the pros through our experienced, friendly and nationally-certified instructors at MindShift Motorcycle Training.


What They Are Saying About Us

Motorcycling is a unique way to see the world and a learn to ride course can be a challenging, exhilerating, and rewarding start! See what some of our happy rider graduates have to say about us...

Savannah Gallalee

I took the class this weekend and it was incredibly helpful! I feel so much more comfortable on my bike now. The instructor was fantastic, really informative and he genuinely wanted to see everyone succeed in his class. I would highly recommend taking this course if you are looking to start riding a bike!

Alex Dudley

This was a great experience! I always wanted to learn to ride. Well [this school] did it! Great instructor and very knowledgeable. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Highly recommend this over anything else in the area.

William Everett

I can't say enough praise for [this school]. I've always been around people who've rode motorcycles but have never personally had any experience. I came into the class with no expectations but can say I had a great time! By the time the class was finished I felt confident in knowing what I need to improve and practice on while still having the confidence of having my license now. Thank you so much for all the great instruction and feedback.

Willis McDowell

Great instructor! Have ridden off-road for years but not on the road, took away a lot of great lessons and even managed to get my m2 license. Would recommend to anyone wishing to freshen up their riding skills or trying to get their motorcycle license. First rate instruction and experience.

Mat Peck

Have been on a motorcycle my entire life so going into this course I didn't expect to learn much. I was way wrong… [my instructor] was very knowledgeable and gave great feedback. We had 100% passing rate and I am a more confident rider coming out of this course. Highly recommend this course for anyone!

Jamie Clark

I had very limited knowledge and riding experience and if you told me 6 months ago that I would get my M2 license today, I would have laughed at you. Isaac is a great instructor and brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the course that is both helpful for the course at hand and the road. I had a great experience with this group and I would recommend it to anyone in the area interested in getting their M2 license even with little experience. Thank you so much again!!!

Mathew Snyder

[Our instructor] was amazing because she was thorough in her explanations of everything, demonstrated each part of the program, and was very encouraging to everyone the whole time. She also shared part of her life and listened when we shared part of ours. By the end of the [course], we all kind of felt like family. The online course is exactly what it needs to be, and the road course was scaffolded perfectly. I'm thankful for choosing [this school].

Charles Rakes

One of the best courses I've ever taken; being a CDL holder I've had many classes over my career but this is by far the best course I've ever taken and will take again in the future thanks to the instructor who is extremely helpful, plus his level of making everyone comfortable is a level of achievement he should be very proud of.

Selena Garnica

My boyfriend recommended this place when I learned that I wanted to start riding. I had little prior knowledge before coming to the basic riders course, but our instructor… was very knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel much more comfortable with motorcycles now and excited to start my journey in the bike world! Thank you!


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