• We are proud to announce that all our Basic RiderCourses (BRCs) are now hybrid! Students across the United States have given positive feedback on this latest version of the BRC created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. All the riding is still in person. Upon registration for class, you receive email confirmation with instructions for the online portion. You complete the online classroom at home on your own time, then come to your scheduled range days to complete the riding portion and skills test.

  • Select the course you are interested in taking and click on Schedule & Register to see dates, times, and fees.

  • Yes! The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is meant for a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to those with experience wanting to fine-tune skills and learn additional strategies for safety. We just ask that you be able to balance a two-wheeled bicycle before taking this course. That said, if you have zero experience using a clutch or riding a motorcycle, ask us about our optional but valuable 2-hour Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME) to get practice before taking the BRC. See here for more info on scheduling an IME.

  • The Basic RiderCourse is the best place to start once you’ve made the decision to ride. Again, if you have zero experience using a clutch or riding a motorcycle, consider our optional but valuable 2-hour Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME) to get a taste of motorcycling before taking the BRC.

  • Absolutely! Any person with a valid Virginia driver’s license or driver’s permit may take the class, as young as age 15 1/2. (See next question for info on motorcycle learner’s permits for those age 17 or under).

  • A motorcycle learner’s permit is not required to PARTICIPATE in the class, no matter what your age. Upon successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse, you will be issued the M2 (2-wheel motorcycle) license certificate on site. However, please note: if you are age 17 or under, the Virginia DMV does require you to obtain and hold a learner’s permit for 9 months before you may RIDE on your M2 license (you may take the class during these 9 months if you wish, but you cannot turn our paperwork into the DMV until the 9 months are up OR until you turn 18). See Virginia DOT Motorcycle Learner's Permit page for more information or text your question to (540) 478-5348.

  • Upon successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse you will be issued a certificate to show to the DMV so they can print you a plastic license with the the “M2” (two wheel motorcycle) endorsement. Note that we cannot issue you an M2 license if your drivers license is suspended.

  • Our class is certified by the national Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and we do occasionally get students from out of state who earn their M2 through our class. It is however the student’s responsibility to check with his/her state’s DMV to ask if they will accept our training program or “the nationally taught Basic RiderCourse held in Virginia.”

  • We do not offer 3-wheel motorcycle classes at this time. We hope to in the future.

  • If a student attends class but fails to pass, MindShift Motorcycle Training allows each of our students to retake the class at half-price. Contact us for instructions on how to get the half-price discount.

  • Bring your certificate of completion of the online classroom (printout or screenshot)
    For range, students are REQUIRED to wear:

    helmet icon Helmet — DOT approved

    Helmet - Full-face, 3/4 helmets are acceptable, provided that they meet minimum DOTcertification. Personal helmets are subject to inspection for the DOT certification and that they are in good working condition. 1/2 shell helmets are not permissible.

    glasses icon Eye Protection

    Eye protection - Face shield, goggles or some form of sun/eye glasses. They may be tinted or clear. Ordinary prescription glasses may be worn. For night training eye protection must be clear.

    helmet icon Long Sleeves

    Long sleeve T-shirt or dress shirt that reaches the wrist or jacket are all acceptable.

    helmet icon Sturdy Pants

    You must wear pants! No exceptions. Denim or leather jeans are preferred. All pants are required to have NO holes in them and must come down to the foot. Dress slacks, spandex, leggings, and sweatpants are NOT permissible.

    helmet icon Full-finger Gloves

    Must be full finger and cannot be open on the back of the hand or knuckles. Gloves must be motorcycle specific or sturdy leather or synthetic. (Dishwashing gloves and surgeon's gloves are NOT permissible)

    helmet icon Over-the-ankle Boots or Shoes

    MUST completely cover your ankle, have little to no heel (NOT cloth, canvas, etc.), and have a good rubber sole for traction. Thin fabric shoes made of canvas or other non-boot fabrics are not permissible.

    You will also want to bring snacks and PLENTY of water.
    Motorcycles will be provided for the course OR bring your own! Email isaac@mindshiftmotorcycle.com prior to class if you plan to bring your own motorcycle to be sure yours meets our specifications.

  • Yes!! Contact us email or phone prior to class if you plan to bring your own motorcycle to be sure yours meets our specifications. Very large motorcycles not recommended (our are 500cc or less).

  • All our motorcycles are generally 250cc or less; we find students are more successful on bikes with these smaller engines. The types vary, but our fleet generally includes cruisers and/or sport tour bikes.

  • Our motorcycle range is located in Broadway, VA (399 East Lee Street, Broadway, VA 22815).

  • We hold class rain or shine! Realistically, motorcyclists must learn to ride in many types of weather. Bring a rain jacket if rain is in the forecast. We occasionally hold winter training – however if snow/ice requires us to reschedule the class, we will notify you and reschedule without penalty.

  • See here REGISTER NOW for BRC cost and registration and here REGISTER NOW for the IME. There are no other hidden fees, and the motorcycle for the class is always included in the price. Ask about our military/ police discount — we are proud to support our men and women who protect and serve our country.